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B Co. 123rd Avn. Bn.
Original Patch (Okerlund photo)
Last Guidon (Tom Marshall photo)
123rd Avn. Bn. "Mission"
Provide Americal Division with:

* Aviation support for Division Headquarters and assigned and attached elements.

* Aerial reconnaissance and security means having limited offensive, defensive, or delaying capability.
* Tactical air movement or combat, combat support, and combat service support units.
Ky Ha Heliport, Chu Lai, RVN
This site is a work in progress (as long as my rotor is still in the green) and will document some of the events and people who made up our small but powerful and closely knit unit. Any and all input will be appreciated.
I really appreciate all the good words about the site. It's one of those "round tuits" that I finally tackled. If it wasn't for the encouragement of Larry Stoner and my wonderful wife Cyndee, it would still only be a vision.
Those wishing to make a Small donation to help keep the site "in the air" can be sent to my address listed on the "Morning Report" page or click on the PayPal logo located on the 'Admin" page.
Tom Okerlund
Ky Ha Heliport rwy 03 (Okerlund photo)
If you have digital photos let me know. I can scan slides and photos if you wish to submit them. I can't promise when or if they will be used but I do promise that they will be SAFELY returned! I do hope to have a large collection for online viewing. You can contact me at