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10/10/2020 What's in progress?
Added a "TAPS" page of Warlord deaths. PLEASE advise me of missing details of those listed or missing.
Please be patient while I try to catch up. My apologizes to all who have sent in photos or asked for assistance the past 8-10 months.
  • Still restoring old photos - very tedious and tough on the eyes!
  • Check out the "Big Picture" film on WOC Flight School - a MUST SEE 
  • "Benefactors" - Thanks to you for your gracious and appreciated $upport !!
  • The Morning Report has been updated.
  • Warlord patches can be purchased through www.warbadges.com or www.patchquartermaster.com
  • A PayPal donation link is at the bottom of the page for those who wish to help offset the cost of this site.

  • Please let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas for the website.
    Regards to all and thanks to those who have contributed money, photos or data to the site!

    Tom Okerlund, CW4 USA, Retired
    Email me at:
    CW4Pilot@gmail.com or CW4Pilot@outlook.com

    Donated funds will be used to offset the approximate $200 annual cost of hosting the Warlord website. Thank you.