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Aircraft History

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With the help of some keen memories and some sketchy army logs, this section lists the history of the unit's Vietnam era helicopters.
I can vividly recall arriving at Ky Ha, still pissin' stateside water, and viewing a harrowing site, OH-23's sitting on the ramp. When asked what aircraft I wished to fly I quickly answered "HUEYs". I just knew I was going to end up flying those damned Ravens (sorry Bill). Fortunately for the unit, the remaining 23's disappeared within the week replaced by shiny new OH-6A's. The hotrod "Skeeters" were on the prowl.

Though Army records may have indicated an aircraft was assigned to the Warlords, that was not always the case. Aircraft arrived sporadicly within the 123rd Avn Bn and were often assigned temporarily against a units TOE, authorized or not. After arrival the aircraft would be reassigned depending upon need and TOE. As a case in point, AH-1Gs were often assigned to the A Company Pelicans, a non-attack helicopter unit. As you view the list of aircraft, note that some of "our" aircraft had zero or very little time flown while "in the unit". They were simply slotted against the unit until final unit assignment was complete.

All of the information currently available regarding the unit's aircraft has been posted. Please let me know of any additions, corrections, or other information you may have in your files.

At this point, I can find little written history of the unit and its OH-23's. Any help will be greatly appreciated in filling in these or any other blanks!

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